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 BloodThorns Requirements

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PostSubject: BloodThorns Requirements   BloodThorns Requirements Icon_minitimeSat Jan 29, 2011 4:31 am

BloodThorns Requirements

We are not just another guild.
We Have Strict Requirements.
We Are A Family So We Don't Recruit People That We Do Not Know.

- Player Has To be At Least Level 60 On The Character He/She Is Joining BloodThorns With.

- Player Must At Least Be Logged In Once A Week On Character (Unless Vacation Mentioned)

- Player Must Be At Least Known And Approved By 1 Guild Member Of BloodThorns.

- Player Can Not Be Disliked By 1 Member In BloodThorns BEFORE Joining. (Its normal that you can not agree with each other all the time but lets try to avoid hatred as much as possible)

- Player Must Be Aware To Clean Up His/Her Own Random PK Mess Instead Of Trying To Involve The Guild.
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BloodThorns Requirements
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