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 History About BloodThorns

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PostSubject: History About BloodThorns   History About BloodThorns Icon_minitimeSat Jan 29, 2011 4:24 am

The ENTIRE History...?
Its Not Possible To Write It All Down In 10 Years Time...
But Lets Type A 10 Minute Basic Shall We...


The Guild Demons Started at 10 februari 2005 In Last Chaos.
That Is Where It All Began...

It All Started Back Then when Sairu Had a BoyFriend that did not wanted that Sairu went outside ,
He was a Super Jealous Type , The only things Sairu could Do without Getting in Trouble ,
was being on The computer On Games. MSN was Forbidden. Any Type Of Contact With Humans
Was Forbidden. Yet This BoyFriend Did Not Realise That MMORPGS Are Games With Real Humans.

Sairu hated him but she had to stay with him because he was an aggresive type and treathened to
Kill her.

Sairu Started to Look for Friends and a new Family Ingame ever since her own family abondened her.
She was in the guild Airmen ,with her previous character named "funistra" (without caps), which was a Archer,

Guild Airmen had NO good healers,and they realy needed a good cleric in their guild.
funistra gave up her character and deleted her character to make 'the perfect cleric".
Days passed.Not realy much guildies helped her.and she gave all her drops and things she ever earned;
to the guild master named "Junzie".a lot of guildies liked her.

There was a guildie named Sundar that told her he loved her and wanted to go to the valentine event with her ,she accepted it and felt special.

She couldnt wait till valentine,.so they hanged a sort of date.

History About BloodThorns Sundarintemple

on the Day itself the GAMEmaster whispered her "congratz ur miss valentine ,who is ur partner , you both won Unique Horse Armor that grows with your levels" she couldnt wait to tell Sundar..

Funistra was happy to win the valentine event with her new character that would immediatly would be walking around with horse armor.and she felt good to have won this with Sundar.they gamemasters teleported them both on a big stairs with fireworks and a lot of people in front the stairs looking up to them both.

History About BloodThorns Sundar

they were the grand LastChaos Valentine Winners.

but after the price...

came betray.

History About BloodThorns Shot

Ever Since Funistra won that Horse Armor, Other Players Avoided Her, Used Fool Language To Her
And Couldn't Stand To Look At Her , As If The Horse Armor Had A Curse Of Jealousy On It.

a certain girl was so jealous that funistra was walking around with unique horse armor ....the girl told Sundar that he had to try to get Sairu her horse armor and give it to her , Sundar laughed and smiled and went to take a walk with her ,of course Sairu heard this and was confused , not even a half hour later sundar tried to PK the horse armor out of her.

Sundar kicked funistra out of Guild airmen .Sundar was guild advisor .and Sundar attacked her .Sundar attacked her 2 times.after those 2 times , the third time she run outside the north gate.and said "why..." , she took of her horse armor and let her be killed again.a knight named Andrey19 showed up and saw what was happening , he killed sundar and tried to talk with Sairu

Junzie logged on a few hours later (GuildMaster Airmen).noticing something changed.

guildies started yelling at him about what sundar did.Junzie kicked sundar out of the guild.but funistra was to shocked to go back to Airmen because of all the memories, She was HeartBroken.

She walked around alone , sitting the whole day at the arena.because of her leaving the guild a lot more guildmembers from airmen started to leave the guild , the guildmaster got scared and asked Sairu to come back but Sairu refused.

People Kept asking what was wrong.and what happened.she said no word.

History About BloodThorns Buh

2 days Later Junzie was begging to make her come back because his guild was slowly getting empty.
Funistra that day saw Sundar walking around making jokes and felt angry .

she gave everything up for to make a cleric for airmen.
but she was not gonna give up.
she promised to make 'the perfect cleric" so she would...and together with a guild...
with HER guild!

a guild with events ,a guild with fun a guild with good guildies , The Best Guild On The server!
a guild you can trust in !! The Name was decided quickly.

The Guild Was Named ... DEMONS

Every Guildie Immediately was gifted a beautiful Horse Mount.

Their Slogan Was : IN DEMONS WE TRUST

There was even later on a mage made named 'InDemonsWeTrust' To
Show how much the players cared about Demons.

History About BloodThorns DEMONS

surprisingly the guild was immediatly filled with exguildies of Airmen and others

The first event was a big succes.

at 22 februari

DEMONS made an event named 'invaders of the sea'
They Immediately got sponsored by Vendetta , Lacedaemonian and the GameMasters.(GM's)
every guildie of DEMONS had 1 death knight summon book, a powerful boss creature.

they waited at the great horn beasts.where the GameMasters made a wall of energystones so nobody could escape.
there was an army Marching from the west gate in walk mode of more the 400 lastchaosplayers.

they marched their way to Great horn beasts while GM kept announcing about what was happening in server 2.
suddenly the army arrived at the great horn beasts.and they looked around to see where the monsters were.
it was quiet.

DEMONS guildmembers stood there watching their targets.
suddenly the army started yelling "CHARGE!!!!!"and every demon summoned a death knight of iris and 2 baals.
many died.

many had to get ressurected.and after every dead boss , hundreds of heaven stones dropped on the ground worth millions of gold each !!!

Vendetta kept an eye ,securing the area of lurers.dragons flied high up in the sky , trying to kill a death knight.
healers needed extra greater Mp pots to save their partys.after an half hour.finally the beasts were all dead.
then suddenly behind everyones back .2 more death knights showed up.after that another one while they were busy with the other 2.and at the end there was 1 more baal.after all this . 1 Game Sage ran into the sea and everyone followed him.and everyone was gone at great horn beasts. The Place Was Empty Again. As If Nothing Happened.


History About BloodThorns 222

The guildies celebrated it with a hide and seek game ,
winner got a 16 million Horse ,

and they kept celebrating it with expensive events , the guild was like a family ,
Andrey19 became a good friend of Sairu ,
they went out to hunt bosses and more ,
he was member from Vendetta .

People started to call Sairu and Andrey19 the perfect couple and to be honest Sairu realy liked him .
he was gentle , sweet , nice , anything u could wish for ,

when funistra gained level 30 she already got requested a LOT of times to join level 80 + party's ,
as a good healer, thats how she leveled up fast ,

The guildies started to yell "We want more guildwars!"
so hungry for victory we kept doing guildwars , we NEVER lost a battle ,

Other Guilds Even Gave Up In The Middle Of War Oftenly!
We Even Sometimes Held Naked Guild Wars To Give Our Opponent a Chance!

Sundar deceided to join Warmongers who immediatly requested a guildwar with us ,
that day only 6 guildies were online because it was a holliday , but we still won with 27 - 9 ,

History About BloodThorns Demonslol

but Sairu was not realy concerned about losing , she was giving all the attention to Andrey19 ,
he made so many promises to her , that he would get her away from her BF and
save her and many more of those promises ,

she was hopeless in love with him , a year after she found out that Andrey19 promised so many things to different girls , heartbroken she left lastchaos , she wanted to quit and never play it again ...

after that she started to play silkroad , she deceided not to make many contact with anyone in silkroad , she became level 80 and made a guild level 70 + (she couldnt stop being a guildmaster, the feeling of being a guildmaster was way to strong to controle ) , at silkroad she stayed a few months with this guild while trying to forget about Last Chaos...

then they deceided to move to a better game named Perfect World My ,
she became a werefox there and made again a guild named Semiah ,
it became a 20 + guild but the requirement kept going up from 20 + to 30 + to 40 + etc etc

everything went good , her brother (brother ingame) who was level 90 in that game ,
named sadistic , supported her , tough he lives in USA and she in Belgium they kept contact trough this game ,

she found a boyfriend on that game named Uber ,
he was way better then andrey19 ,
Every Day They Spend Together,
Every Day They Were There for each other.

Every Day They Tried To Find Each Other Ingame.
Every Day They Hugged Each Other Ingame
Every Day They Tried To Buy Gifts For Each Other.

but ... after a few months a new guild got created AGAINST semiah ,
named Matrix , they tried to pk Semiah as much possible and tried to
set up everyone against semiah , tough not many fooled in it ...

but Uber did...

he believed the false rumors that Matrix spreaded and started to cheat on Sairu and tried to avoid her ,
not much later she suddenly was unable to login on perfect world ,
so she downloaded rohan , trying to play that while waiting For GM Help In Perfect World...

she joined blacksouls , made guildevents there , tried to help the guild as much as possible.

then she got this message that the guild in perfect world was getting ambushed ,
so she forced to kept trying to log in , when she finally was logged in ,
she saw she was robbed from ALL her items , probably Uber did this ,
All her guildies had left the guild... left her behind...
but her brother immediatly gave her a ninthtail (very expensive mount and very rare ) ,
Her Brother Told Her About That it was his birthday soon .
Sairu started to save money to visit him for his birthday in California.
Sairu Used all her money for the plain ticket, and for a bag filled with expensive gifts.

After a long trip in the airplane, feeling a bit dizzy and tired.
She finally arrived into California San Francisco In October...

She looked around, but... nobody was awaiting her...
Nowhere was her brother to be seen...

She asked someone to borrow his phone and called the number her brother gave her
to call in case of emergencies. "This Number Is Invalid , Does Not Exist"

Sairu was shocked... she could not return to her country for 14 DAys....
She had to find a place to stay for 14 Days...

She was lucky that a guildie of Perfect World Found Her And Took Care of her.
They Both Decided to quit Perfect World and Go To Rohan.

when back in rohan she saw that she was guildless , probably Blacksouls called her inactive ,
playing guildless she missed the feeling of having a nice guild around her so she went to the guild 'trustee' and checked how to make a guild , she had to do 7 quests , surprisingly a lot of people helped her with this ,

History About BloodThorns Makingguild

expecially SirChris, guildmaster from ' The Unforgiven' and Takaroshi who was in Falsegods , and azureal helped with the end boss .

after all this she created BloodThorns , she deceided to make it a 60 + guild .

The Rules Were Simple :




BloodThorns was a guild with EVENTS , every saturday we kept a guildevent with a nice prize , and also all guildies could create an event anytime , Sairu supported every guildie with gear, help, item mall stuff and much more!

She put all her effort in making bloodthorns.

Yet... People in Rohan started to become jealous on bloodthorns and bloodthorns started to get random KOS of some guilds all of a sudden... Guilds and players tried to start random fights out of nowhere...

As If BloodThorns was a Threat for them..

Yet BloodThorns Kept Going.

After We Grew Very Big, A Tragic Accident Happened...
Sairu started to pass out a lot...

When in the hospital it was declared that she had Blood Cancer...
Her Real Life Family Refused to Help her...

It took a year to get healed of the Blood Cancer...
After a Year she finally got back... yet...homeless...

When she returned to Rohan,
Only A Few Of The People She Knew, Were Remaining.
They Told Her How They Thought She Died...

Sairu told them she was ok and that she wants to rebuild BloodThorns and
fullfill her dream to have the best guild there is, and a great family.

Right now she's trying to find a job to be able to get a home.
and to be able to rebuild BloodThorns again.

BloodThorns Will This Time Be

EXP SCROLLS supported
Gear Supported
Guild Buffs Supported
Alliance Supported
Ventrillo + TeamSpeak Supported
Mount Supported
Event Supported

And Much More.

Yet This Time We Will Only Recruite Level 60+
And Only People That Are Known An Approved By At Least 1 Member Of BloodThorns (To Avoid Trolls and bad people)

Will You Become a part of our family?
Will You help with the rebuild of BloodThorns?
Will You become a trusted member of BloodThorns?
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History About BloodThorns
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