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 About Guest Section, important!!

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PostSubject: About Guest Section, important!!   Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:27 pm

To Protect our guild information and to keep everything ordered,
This forum has 3 Sections.

When you visit our forum without logging in,
You will only be able to see the Guest Section.
You'll be able to post in the Guest Section without logging in.

When you register, the system asks you who you are ingame.
After registering you STILL can not see the other 2 sections.

Every day, the admin checks who is new on the forums.
When he notices a new registered user, he'll check the answer on 'who are you ingame'.
He'll check if you are realy in bloodthorns guild in rohan.
If you are really in the guild, your name turns ocean blue and
you'll be granted acces to the alliance section, guest section and guild section.

Allies and friends can sign up as well.
When they sign up, they'll get acces to the alliance section and the guest section.
their name will turn purple.

Thank You

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PostSubject: Re: About Guest Section, important!!   Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:32 pm


The guest section is accesable for everyone,
people can post there any messages to our guild.
people can post there screenshots to our guild.
People can post alliance requests to our guild.

Everyone that declares and has shown us that they
are friends/allies to our guild. can meet each other there.
There are sometimes even Alliance Events.
There are some guides shared to the alliance and more.
The guild section is only accesable for guildies.
On this section we get to know each other better.
there are real life pictures on there, there are guides,
tips, our Event information and locations,
our plans, and much more.

even the votings of what event we should have, are there.

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About Guest Section, important!!
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