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 Status Points ?

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Status Points ?  Empty
PostSubject: Status Points ?    Status Points ?  Icon_minitimeMon Feb 07, 2011 12:20 pm

QUESTION : Status Points ?

Every Level You Gain From Level 1 to Level 50,
You Receive 4 Status Points.

Every Level You Gain AFTER Level 50,
Till Level 99; You Receive 6 Status Points.

Press the Key 'C' on your keyboard to
open the Character Window.

You Can Add Your Status Points To:


If You Add Status Points To Strength. Your Physical Strength Will Raise. (Preffered By Dekans that like damage, By Knights, by Giants, by Dhans That Go Predator)
If You Add Status Points To Intellegence. Your Magical Attack Force Will Raise. (Preferred Status By Mages that will follow the path of Warlock)
If You Add Status Points To Psyche. Your Mana, Mana Regeneration and Healing Power Will Raise (Preferred Status By Healers and Mages that become Wizard)
If You Add Status Points To Vitality, Your Health Points, Your Health Regeneration Will Raise. (Preferred By People that love to survive long and like to be tankers!)
If You Add Status Points To Dexterity, Your Ranged Attack Power Will Raise and Your Chance To MISS a hit will Decrease(Preferred By Archers)
If You Add Status Points To Agility, Your Critical Hit Chance Will Raise, Your Critical Hits Will Do More Damage, You Will Evade Hits On You More (Loved by Avengers)

Most Common is for a Character to add 3 Of Their Status Points In Their Preferred Ability and Put 1 Status Point In Vitality To Survive Longer.
After Level 50 Its Also Common that they start to put all their status Points in their preferred ability.

Of Course There Are A Lot More Of Status Builds And Plans Then Just That One.
I have seen Dekans Go Int, I Have seen Archers go Strength, I have seen Mages go Full Vit, I have seen avengers go Strength!

There are millions of types of builds and plans.
Yet This is the most common and called t he most 'useful'

This Guide Was Present To You By BloodThorns.

Status Points ?  Sssszzz
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Status Points ?
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